Monday, August 17, 2009

Fearless Vegetarian, Passionate Writer

My introduction to Crescent Dragonwagon was through her awesome cookbook Passionate Vegetarian. I loved the recipes and was eager to try every one.
As I read further, her persona emerged throughout in a way that made me want to pick up the book for an anecdotal  interlude between the recipes.

Dragonwagon writes with humor and intelligence, tells stories about both herself and the history of the recipes, and reminisces about life with her late husband, Ned Shank, and their country inn, Dairy Hollow House. They also founded the Writer's Colony at Dairy Hollow.

Dragonwagon has written children's books and other cookbooks. She conducts Fearless Writing Workshops, and cooks, writes, lives, loves, and laughs.

See how she got her name here.

I would like to invite Crescent Dragonwagon to my soiree.

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