Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reading Freeman Patterson for the Joy of It

In 1975, I bought my first 35mm SLR camera.  In 1977, after a few courses, much trial and error, and a few good photos, I bought Freeman Patterson's book Photography for the Joy of It and found something special beyond the usual discussion of technique. I still have the book and re-visit it often.

Thirty years later, I switched (finally) to a digital SLR camera and have just found that Patterson's book was revised in 2007 to include digital photography. Being in much the same learning stage with digital as I was with film those many years ago, I have ordered the new version.

Photography and the Art of Seeing was published in 1979 and, as did the Joy book, changed my thinking about photography further; I still have and re-visit it as well. What a nice surprise to find that it has reen revised also -  in 2004. I have ordered it too!

Freeman Patterson is an awesome photographer, and his advice for artists/photographers is the most helpful I have ever found. He lives in New Brunswick, Canada, teaching, writing, photographing.

I would like to invite Freeman Patterson to my soiree.

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