Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Little Black Meme

On a whim, I searched for "little black dress" just to see where (and if) in our cultural life it is important. I shouldn't have been surprised, but it is everywhere and could probably be considered a meme.

"Little black dress" is attached to products, mostly for 20ish women, but the fashion item, itself, has been recently in the news. There is also currently a play running in Boston called - what else? - Little Black Dress.

Little Black Dress Wines, which I have not tried,  has an interesting idea on their site. They pair little black dress styles with wines. Their pinot grigio is described as "cutting edge," as is the stylized sketch of an LBD.

Little Black Dress Books, based in the UK, has dozens of titles for young women, plus a blog, competitions, lists of authors, and health and beauty links. Little Black Dress Shop in Toronto sells LBD, in person and online.

A piece in the fashion section of the Toronto Star "Little black dress remains a basic treasure" discusses some of the history and the importance of the LBD, especially in France.

And in Boston, the play Little Black Dress at the Boston Playwrights' Theatre runs until October 24.

In Australia this past August, there was the Diet Coca-Cola Little Black Dress Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival 2009. The photos of this event are awesome; visit at Sydney Events Photography on Flickr.

So that LDB that Coco Chanel popularized in the 1920s is alive and very well.

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Ryhen said...

Looks cool! I'm planning to wear one of these, but I'm afraid my wife might beat me to death. lol