Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Mad, Mad, Mad Martini World

I'm not at all surprised by the popularity of martinis, but 2,920,000 results from a Google search for "martinis" did, indeed, surprise me.

In the late 70s and all through the 80s, martini popularity was rather low. People joked about the 3-martini lunch, which became a symbol for unhealthy decadence. The beginning of the fitness rage in the 70s coincided with the decline of the martini, which had been popular since the early twentieth century.

In the 1990s, martinis again became popular. The original gin and vermouth martini (formerly THE martini) and the vodka martini from the 1950s were the norm. Now, the sky's the limit.

Brands of gin, many with new herb and spice infusions and flavoured vodkas are abudant on liquor store shelves. But beyond variations of the basic ingredients, the number of variations in the recipe has exploded.

Different flavour and ingredient combinations are very trendy - there are even full martini menus. They sound delicious, crazy, horrible, dessert-like.  A Classic Blue Cheese Martini (huh?)and a Chocolate Mint Martini (candy anyone?) are only two of dozens of trendy new recipes.

Cocktail shakers, glasses, and strainers come in every colour and design imaginable. Cocktail hours and parties abound.

It's martini madness. Much fun for a soiree.


Diane J Standiford said...

What was old is new again. Cheers!

ChrisJ said...

Thanks for commenting.

I mudt admit that I'm a fan of the old traditional recipe - very dry; just wave the vermouth cap over the gin!

Have you a favourite?