Friday, October 9, 2009

With Both Barrels

Twice now, I've wished that I could vote in US elections.  

The first time was for Barack Obama last November. Like so many others, I felt that I had a part in something new and hopeful as I watched the crowds in Chicago.

Today, I wished that I could have voted for Representative Alan Grayson (D-Florida). He again blasted the Republicans for their position on health care.   

Grayson, in this scolding, refused to apologize for his earlier attack on the Republican prescription for health care ( i.e. don't get sick; if you get sick, die quickly).

Grayson's voice is a refreshing and strong change. Unlike the nuttiness of the right's diatribes, Grayson's speech laid it on the line about the dire need for reform.

Today's speech dovetails perfectly with Keith Olbermann's comments two days ago. Both have cut right to the quick of the issue - life, death, uncertainty, financial ruin.

Canadian parliamentarians snipe and carp at each other regularly, but rarely do they come out with such double-barrelled gusto.

Hats off to Alan Grayson and Keith Olbermann; I would like to invite them both to my soiree.

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