Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's Winter at North 54

It's the same every year. After the first significant and lasting snowfall, I feel that it is an aberration and will go away soon. How could it possibly be winter? All will melt; the roads will be clear; no shovelling required.

But, alas, not so.

Winter is here.

These winter photos were taken at Fort George Park yesterday.

The blue of the sky, the reflective snow, and the late afternoon light make for wonderful effects.

The low-angled sunlight, shining through the windows of the museum, right.

Time to go home for some hot cocoa.


Pearl said...

oh my. I see my future. and that snowballing idea is a long way from mud puddle still.

ChrisJ said...

No mud puddles here for 5 or 6 months. Often it's too cold for snowballs, too!!

Northern Lights said...

Nice to see some snow!

Here the rain just keeps coming down, and coming down, and all is being flooded!


ChrisJ said...


Yes, rain is depressing; snow is much better that way - sometimes shovelling is better than endless rain.