Saturday, November 28, 2009

Weird, Wise, Wonderful

That the internet is a weird, informative, interesting place is no surprise, but I am constantly surprised anyway.

These are my favourites from last week.

Lifeshighway has a fun, funny blog about yard art: I entered a picture of my garden gnome and got 6 points in the ongoing contest. Blog readers submit photos of yard art - their own or ones they find along life's highway.

(The celebrity gnome is pictured at right!)

On a much more somber note is Pierre Le Roux's post The Gift of Death on his sometimes humourous, sometimes serious, always interesting blog about gay life. The post is a real eye-opener.

I always enjoy Owen Gray's posts in Northern Reflections, partly because they're good and partly (I suspect) because we seem to be of similar mind about politics and education. Last Monday's post Whatever It Takes is exce

Last but not least for this week is the website of Dream Hat Photography, featuring the photos of Gerry Daniel. Daniel's work inspires me; I don't want to copy, but always have the feeling that my photos could be like his when they grow up.


lifeshighway said...

Thank you, Soiree. I am very flattered by your mention.

ChrisJ said...

You are most welcome. I real enjoy your blog and will visit often.