Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Weird, Wild, Wonderful Four from December 13 - 19/09

Serious Eats is an excellent food site. I posted about it in September and began receiving two of their weekly newsletters, which I always enjoy. The site has reader-contributed content, recipes, Q & A about food and techniques, a place where readers can contribute their food photos, columns, and much more. All this month in Serious Chocolate, Lindt chocolatier Ann Czaja answers questions.

Feministe "is one of the oldest feminist blogs online designed by and run by women from the ground up." I only discovered this blog a couple of weeks ago (probably the last remaining feminist to do so!) and always find the posts interesting and important.  The posts are largely about current events, responses to articles in the media, and commentary about ongoing problems women face. They don't pull punches. I like that.

On Familiar Things: Rediscover Classical Paintings is a wonderful, detailed, chatty blog by a  former professor of fine art (Amsterdam) and a professor of art history (Utrecht). Each post offers (usually) a classical painting and an informative, but informal discussion of it, sometimes with personal things woven in as well. This is a great place to learn about some famous and not-so-famous paintings with two learned but down-to earth art lovers.

Animal picture in the Telegraph UK  - One of the very few animal pictures I could not resist sharing. What can I say; every once in awhile "cute" gets me, and this one really is cute.

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