Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Weird, Wild, Wonderful Four from Last Week

Browsing, as serendipitously as possible, never fails to turn up blogs and websites that amaze, intrigue, and amuse me. Last week was no different.

Odalisques, harems, and edible delights, as well as some truly beautiful photos-- Calimyrna Nights is worth a visit. The photo of the Morroccan lanterns is from the blog, as is the photo of the figs.

 The stunningly beautiful digital artwork and writing of Tomas Karkalas is the subject of the blog arthiker.

For a range of interesting topics, I like the blog only in the movies...; it is well written, and the author Samantha has a lively voice that makes her posts good reading.

Finally, I get some good information and a good chuckle from the blog on the site The Guy's Perspective. The guys explore the humourous and sometimes serious side of relationships - respectfully, too.

Hope you enjoy them as I did!


Samantha said...

Thank you for suggesting my blog! I love reading yours as well, especially when you find great uses for my favorite words like "serendipitously" :)

ChrisJ said...

Thank you too, Samantha, and I don't mean that serendipitously either!

Ciss B said...

Good choices, Chris. I am in the process of checking them out - love the photos at Calimyrna Nights already!

ChrisJ said...

Thank you. The choices are endless; the hard part is selecting only four.

Tomas said...

Wow! Thank you. I just sat back in awe as I discovered your feedback/promotion of my humble blog. I was hard to trust my own eyes (and I sense myself likewise now too at the moment I try to put my emotions on paper vith the help of my tiny Lithuanian-English dictionary)
I am so glad you enjoyed my artworks, I hope you will enjoy the works on my other blogs too I have 6 and they all are my online art galleries that are awaiting for you to share the whispering of life colors. My pictures are my meditation where the sharing is the breathing - the proof of remaining alive till now.
Please visit my archives on and enjoy all other currently alive pages.

lifeshighway said...

Great choices. Keep up the research.

ChrisJ said...

Tomas, You are truly welcome. I will visit; I think everyone should see you work.

ChrisJ said...

lifeshighway, It is fun to do these posts; I'm going to make them a regular feature.