Sunday, January 3, 2010

Soiree's Past Week

At My Soiree - December 28 - January 2

Ready to go for the new year and saying goodbye to the last of last year's posts. Enjoy!

Faux or No? - December 28/09
Happy New Year - December 31/09
Weird, Wild, Wonderful Four - Dec 27 to Jan 2 - January 2/10

(credit for red door photo)


Owen Gray said...

It's good to remember that beauty is a cultural construct. What is frowned on in one culture is celebrated in another.

Still, we can't ignore the issue of malnutrition -- particularly in the third world. While Jenny Craig has become rich by encouraging people to eat less,there are millions of people who would survive, if they could only get a taste of our leftovers.

ChrisJ said...


When our mothers reprimanded us for not finishing our dinners, saying that there were starving children in other countries, they were quite right.