Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weird, Wild, Wonderful 4 - January 24 - 30

A most interesting site if you love lemons, as I do, is lemonflower. This site has everything lemon, from recipes, to beauty tips, to laws about lemon cars, to a business plan for a lemonade stand! The recipes alone are worth the visit - lemon pie, lemonade, lemon chicken, lemon butter.

Also this week is Blogger's Cafe, a blog full to overflowing with information and reviews of other blogs. There are four "libraries" in this blog, each containing the blogs the owner has reviewed in categories - makes things easy to find. This is a great resource and is always good for spending as much time as one has free just poking around.

I love wine and am only just beginning to work my way around a site called Winedoctor (independent opinion on wine). The site is extensive with detailed information about wines from different countries and regions, about producers, vintages, and tasting notes. There is a glossary of terms and a section called Wine Advice with information on such things as choosing glasses and shapes of wine bottles. This is another one that could keep a person busy for a good while.

Finally this week is a blog that already has about 15,000 followers, so needs no introduction from me! But I do love it, so can't resist. The Sartorialist features photos from great cities like Paris, Milan, and New York (among others) of chic and stylish people on the street. What a simple, but wonderful idea. The men and women  Scott Schuman photographs all have a distinct personal style, are always cool, and mostly wear clothes that I couldn't wear in a million years. But they are totally wonderful.


Ciss B said...

Thanks for the links. You have captured my interest as well and will visit more than a few tomorrow.

ChrisJ said...


They are all good, but the wine one and the lemon one have so much useful stuff.

Anonymous said...

I was initially going to add Lemonflower to Blogger's Cafe just by the name and subject, pity when I got there the site was non-interactive. The idea of a lemon blog appealed to me. Visited the others too.

Thanks for the plug about Blogger's Cafe, appreciated.


ChrisJ said...


You are welcome. I enjoy rummaging around in the libraries from time to time.

Dorothy said...

What fun I had on his blog thanks so much for sending me there..and lemon oh I love it as well..

Dorothy from grammology

ChrisJ said...


Don't you wonder why a bad purchase is called a lemon? What a way to treat such a great food!

cooper said...

The wine site will be quite useful and the lemon site, how awesome is that. I've read the sartorolist for awhile now...great choice.

ChrisJ said...

cooper, The Sartorialist is great! I love the clothes.