Saturday, January 9, 2010

Weird, Wild, Wonderful Four - Jan 3 - 9 is a site entirely about sociology. The site, along with the magazine of the same name (Contexts), "makes sociology interesting and relevant to anyone interested in how society operates...It is a publication of the American Sociological Association." The site has several blogs and publishes articles about society, culture, sexuality, criminality. Pearl from the blog Humanyms referred me to a photographic project called the Adipositivity Project featured on the Contexts site.

ZCommunications - The Spirit of Resistance Lives -  grew out of "South End Press (1978)... founded to raise consciousness about class, gender, race, and power and to provide information, analysis, and vision to help activism."  The site is huge with ZNet, ZMag, ZBlogs, ZMedia Institute, ZVideo and more. This is another site where readers could spend days.

Massachussetts Institute of Technology - MIT - offers many of its public and course lectures free on video here. The selection is very extensive. Where else can one listen to world-class experts in their various fields for free? Many of the videos are long - they are the actual lectures of about 45 minutes - but the range of topics is amazing and the information awesome. (There is even rocket science for those so inclined!)

Ever wondered what the best source for vitamin K is, or potassium, or riboflavin, or fibre? This USDA site has just that. I've used this site countless times to find information about different nutrients and trust it more than other sites where they are also selling supplements.


angelshair said...

Thank you for sharing! I particularly loved Great website!

ChrisJ said...


I'm glad you liked them. I was worried that it was a bit too heavy this week.