Friday, February 12, 2010

A Tale of Three Kitties

Every blogger can surely be forgiven for one pet post. Mine is about our three cats, Lady, Boots, and Bandit.

Lady and Boots are mother and daughter, and Lady's age is unknown. She wandered into the yard one day in March 1997 and had her kittens in the woodpile sometime that May.

Lady is sleek and gorgeous, but showing her age - arthritis in one back leg and pigmentation in her eyes. She plays with her cloth mouse and meows loudly for a few minutes, two or three times during the night - Lady's opera, my husband calls the nightly performance. When I go out, she puts the mousie in my slipper.

Lady is a class act - loyal and lovely.

Boots is Lady's kitten. She is fluffy, cute, and very vocal. Unlike her mother who restricts her vocals to the night, Boots "talks" pretty much all day long.

In spite of a somewhat complaining nature, Boots has a sweet personality.

She does need rather a lot of grooming, especially in the summer. It is impossible to give her a pill.

Now twelve, she has spent much of her life perfecting her diva behaviour. She enjoys being carried to her food bowl, which has to be positioned just so.

Bandit is the newest addition to the family, appearing in the driveway a few days before Christmas 2003, a neutered male, about a year old.

What can I say about Bandit? He shreds drywall, wallpaper, and furniture.  Mostly, he will drink only out of a bottle held by one of us, refusing water in a bowl, sometimes to the point of dehydration.

 He goes out the backdoor and promptly goes to the front to be let in there. He nearly died from kidney failure, but responded to 24-hr care for long enough to recover.

He talks, growls, chirrups, and loves to play with elastic bands. He is Mr. Personality, and everyone loves him, although at times I could happily throttle him.

Most of the time, Lady and Boots snuggle together, and Bandit sleeps elewhere.

But every once in awhile, there is peace in the cat family -
no talking, no opera, no squabbles, and no mousies.

I do indeed love all of them, but whoever said that dogs have owners and cats have staff knew the truth of things for cat lovers.


I Wonder Wye said...

I love a good cat story! All three of your furry kids are precious and I love their's funny how different every cat can be. Hard to believe that your long haired diva is the daughter of the short-haired black! My Scat, now almost 18, has an IV every night for his kidney failure, but we've been doing it since May and it seems to be working fine. The opera performance is a funny way of looking at it.....

Trulyfool said...

Chris! Wonderful gatos! We had 3 ourselves until our eldest died last year. We had to 'put her to sleep', which actually was the process. Instant: sleep, then count 10. My wife couldn't be in the room. I held Phoebe's head and chest as she passed on.

Frankly, I hope they treat me that humanely.

Our remaining two we got at the same time from Humane Society. They're 11 years old now. Own the house. One is on special food.

Ally, our black-and-white needed flea meds yesterday, and hated me for 12 hours after I administered them.

Love cats!

Ciss B said...

I love cats as much as I do dogs - but for different reasons. Your cats are gorgeous and it sounds like they have really interesting personalities!

Salma said...

I am allergic but they look lovely...I think of children when I say that, LOL.

I would ike to make a request off line, could you please email me at

Thamks so much.

askcherlock said...

I think cats are wonderful. Unfortunately I am allergic to them. Instead we have two dogs that romp and cuddle with us and provide endless joy. Our pets give unconditional love. Whether it is cats or dogs, every home should be so blessed.

lifeshighway said...

A very handsome group. I have four and it is rare that there is peace in the kingdom.

Anonymous said...

I love your cats, I have always had one in my life, the current is Meow Meow, he is white and about as fluffy as Boots, you can check out my cat story on Life is Just Like That...


corfubob said...

How did I miss this post? Because I'm no good at blogging. Lovely cats, and their staff must be exceptional.

My poor creatures eat out of a communal 'silo' that holds 20kg of biscuits, which I only have to fill once a month or so. If they pull new biscuits out and leave the old one I can turn it off, so then they clean up or go without. Eight cats - one general manager, but this is Europe (Greece), so what can they do........