Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunshine, Artists, and Gardens

Cloudless sky, sunshine, pleasant temperature (25 C; 77F) - the weather could not have been more perfect for our local art gallery's (Two Rivers Art Gallery) "Artists in the Garden" fundraiser.

the riverside
The weather, the gardens, the refreshments were perfect, each yard offering something quite different - an organic farm, a riverside lot cascading down the steep bank, a fairyland backyard retreat, a small city lot with wonderful perennial (the hostas were abundant and beautiful) and vegetable gardens, and a hilltop paradise several miles out of town with its own artisanal bakery.

the farm
Each host provided some light refreshments - lots of cool lemonade, lavender cookies, rosemary cookies, sandwiches with that artisanal bread. One of the venues had a harpist. There really is something otherworldly about the sound of the harp, and set outdoors in the cool of the trees, it is magical.

the city
the country paradise
Everyone was mellow and friendly. I hope the gallery made pots of money. I'm already looking forward to next year.
the fairyland

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