Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Steep Learning Curve

I have been concentrating on working with Photoshop and have decided to do something new each day, when possible. For too long, I have been poking around here and there in the program, but at that rate it would take several lifetimes to learn much of anything. With each new command or pull-down menu, I am totally amazed by what is possible!

 The photo is an experiment with brushes, mostly (and some frustrating attempts at fixing a boo-boo!). The image was taken on the road from Kamloops to Sun Peaks BC.


Hels said...

ooohhhhh you ARE becoming a tech-head :) Could a true Luddite (like myself) ever manage it?

Interesting that you chose Kamloops, a place I had never heard of, until spouse and I travelled on the Rocky Mountaineer. I wrote up this experience in this very weekend's post.

ChrisJ said...


My progress in learning this program when compared with younger people is pitiful, but, yes, it's possible.

I haven't been on the Rocky Mountaineer, so will look forward to reading your post.

askcherlock said...

Chris, whatever you did, you gave us an awesome photo! I love the striations of landscape and color.

Judie said...

ChrisJ, can you give us a before and after shot? I have been to Kamloops!!!!

ChrisJ said...


Thanks - I am pleased with the outcome and pleased to be able to make something happen!

ChrisJ said...


I've put up a new post with the before shot and some description of what I did.

Kamloops is great; my stepdaughter went to university there and we visited quite often.

Owen Gray said...

I've only been to B.C. twice -- both times just to say I'd been there. We were doing the trip from Jasper to Banff.

My wife, however, worked for a year in Vancouver before we were married. She says there's nothing like the mountains of B.C.

ChrisJ said...


You should visit again and spend more time; the mountains and many other things are quite awesome.

Pearl said...

neat. getting the landscape to pop is tricky without underexposing or overexposing a bit.

ChrisJ said...


The "pop" is all add-ons, on top of it all.