Sunday, December 12, 2010

Taking a Break

I will be taking a break from posting for awhile - at best there may be a sporadic post or two. My work committments have changed, and I am much busier; I have just lost a good friend after a brief but intense illness; Christmas is upon us; and I am scheduled for a second hip replacement surgery (other hip) in mid January.

I so very much appreciate all the visitors to the blog and the many interesting comments over the last year. I hope to continue reading your blogs and commenting as time allows.

For now, it's so long, but not goodbye. Merry Christmas  and Happy New Year to everyone.


SALMA said...

Take care of yourself Chris.
Good luck with the surgery, and sorry to hear about your friend.

Hels said...

Two minutes ago I wrote a Comment to you, in my own blog, before I read that you were taking a break. The distance from Australia to Canada is quite vast, but the blogging connection is very close :)

Have a happy, peaceful and safe holiday and a quick recovery from the surgery.

ChrisJ said...


Thank you so much.

ChrisJ said...


I always like to read your blog and hope to continue.

Thanks for the kind words; I also feel the close blogging connection.

Trulyfool said...


I wish you the best with 'replacement'. One of my fellow teachers had one not long ago, and he's leading the charge!

Come back soon.


Judie said...

I knew something was afoot. I know this is a very hard time for you, but please know that your blogging friends are always close by. Thanks for all the nice comments you have made on my blog this year, and for the award you gave me early on.
Please stay warm way up there in BC. I hope your surgery is successful!

ChrisJ said...


If the second surgery turns out as well as the first last Feb, then I'll be leading charges too! Thanks.

ChrisJ said...


Thankk you. I will stay in touch for sure.

lifeshighway said...

Good luck with the surgery, Chris. Take the time to get strong and do your therapy!

We all need a break from time to time. I will miss you insightful writing and look forward to your return. said...

enjoy the break and the holidays.

ChrisJ said...


I hope you get a break from work and enjoy the holidays, too.

ChrisJ said...


Thanks. I will be absolutely religious about the therapy.

Pearl said...

Ah, understandable. give a comment round whenever you want to let us know you're back.

good luck with the holidays and the hip and the busy spin of days. take care,

ChrisJ said...


Thank you. I will.

askcherlock said...

This must be such a difficult time for you, Chris. Please know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers. And when you are ready...we will all be here, waiting for your return. Please take care.

ChrisJ said...


Thank you. Have a good Christmas.

Ciss B said...

I wondered where you've been! I've laid low this past week making doll clothes and knitted ponchos for the granddaughters and a winter scarf for my grandson for Christmas. I started them a while ago but it's take longer than I thought to finish up.

I am so sorry to hear about your friend! That had to be hard on you and the family. Also, I will pray for your surgery! Hope all goes well!

Merry Christmas and hope your New Year is fabulous!

ChrisJ said...


Thanks. All the best to you and your family in the New Year.

Judie said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment. I think about you every day when I sit down at the computer, and hope that you are feeling better all the time. This has been such a horrible day, and I am very afraid for the future.

ChrisJ said...


I know what you mean; the future does seem bleak at times like this.

Judie said...

Chris, thanks for your comment on my blog. I have been thinking about you, as well, and hope you are getting healthy!
I learned today that our son, Keil, was in the Safeway when the shooting began. He confessed to me today that he had lied to me when I called him because he was afraid that I might have a heart attack. We are staying close to home and keeping our loved ones near.

ChrisJ said...


That was smart of Keil; sometimes the truth is not the best policy!

Owen Gray said...

I've had to take a break myself, Chris. Hope you're feeling well and that the second surgery will be -- or has been -- uneventful.

A la prochaine!

Judie said...

Chris, Christina lives in Ontario, and if it is the east v.west in Canada like it is here in the states, their lifestyle doesn't seem to be the same.

Arizona is so beautiful, but if I had known just how backward thinking the legislature was, I would have thought twice about coming here. I may have to live in a bubble!