Saturday, January 22, 2011

No Place Like Home

Home never looks so good as it does when we've been away for awhile. Add surgery into the mix, and that's true after only three days.

I am happy to report that I came home last Thursday after hip replacement surgery on Monday morning - no moss growing on me; hospitals won't allow that, for sure.

The surgery was successful and recovery is nicely underway. I am remembering how to use all of the equipment required to prevent dangerous movements for the next three months:

The walker -

Less stressful than crutches and easier on the arms. Crutches work well for going out.

We'll see this time; last year, I developed quite a callous on the hand opposite to the operated side which took several weeks to go away.

The reacher - a truly versatile tool. I can take get a jar from the top shelf of the cupboard and pick up a dime from the floor; put on pants, get things too far away horizontally.

I have the same kind as Bill on The Little Couple!

The sock puller - kind of self-explanatory.

The hospital food was worse than I remembered it - and damned if we didn't have toast and cream of wheat the first morning for breakfast!  I would have appreciated Judie sneaking in treats. One of my friends did offer to make some meals for me, but my appetite wasn't much to speak of. Now I have lots of fruit, chocolate, and my husband's great cooking.

Thanks to everyone who sent best wishes and prayers - they worked!


Judie said...

If you're not going to need those pain pills, can I have 'um?? I am always on the look out for the "good drugs." Read my "O" post to find out why!

Seriously, I hope you have an easy recovery. Mum had a walker that had everything on it but stereo! Since she was deaf, she really didn't need the stereo anyway.


Hels said...

The reacher I would have would also be a truly versatile tool. He would be tall, dark and handsome, and would do all the heavy lifting, shopping, cooking and cleaning for the first month or two :)

I am raising a glass of wine to your speedy recovery.

ChrisJ said...


I think the border security people don't look kindly on shipping extra meds back and forth! lol

ChrisJ said...


And do windows as well!!!

I will join you with a glass of wine after ending the blood thinners - no one said not to have any, but it seems a pretty good idea.

Ciss B said...

Glad you're home! I was reading as you walked through your "needs," for your recovery and wondered to myself why I also use the grabber (All the time, too!)...ah, yes! I'm too short to reach things in my tall kitchen! LOL!

Pearl said...

Glad to hear you're home.

That sock puller looks like a handy gadget.

Judie said...

ChrisJ, I don't think the wine will hurt, as long as you don't mix it with pain meds! I don't recommend more than one glass, though. Those walkers aren't THAT stable!!

lifeshighway said...

Good to hear you are progressing well and being well feed now that you are home.

My mother is a master at the reacher. I kinda want one.

Judie said...

Chris, I hope you are continuing to heal, and that you will soon be back blogging with us!!

askcherlock said...

So happy you are back and that you are healing. You have indeed been missed. Now get to work! No rest for the talented. :)

ChrisJ said...


I am doing really well. I'll be back soon - maybe another couple of weeks.

ChrisJ said...


Thanks. I'm giving myself a bit longer, but will be back soon.

I Wonder Wye said...

One thing about using a walker - which I did for 18 months once -- you develop awesome biceps...that sock puller thing?? It was almost worthless. Glad you're home -- I know how wonderful it feels...

ChrisJ said...

Wonder Wye,

You are right about the sock puller - I only use it when I absolutely have to.