Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Of the many lasting gifts my parents have given to me, my love of reading and literature is the most satisfying, intellectually stimulating, and even lucrative, as it led to my profession. My parents raised a reader long before it was a popular campaign with big name advocates.

My Dad was the major reader when I was very young, but both my parents shared the effort - and I'm sure the sessions of Doctor Dan or "The White Bed That Ran Away" became somewhat of an effort after the first six hundred or so repetitions!

So Happy Father's Day to my Dad. And thanks to both my parents for raising a reader.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Chris:
The most precious gift of all, time invested in you. And, how wonderful that their careful nurturing lit the fire of literature in your soul. Something that only gets better with age.

Pearl said...

My parents raised me a reader too. Well, maybe I raised myself. It was a pretty unstoppable force from somewhere.

How did your hubby learn about my book? Been Shed Bore or Between Stations? Thirsts is coming out in a few months.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the Father's Day Blog. (and the parcel). We are looking forward to your visit in less than 2 weeks! But I must remind you that my reading material has changed somewhat since that shown in these photos.

Love: DAD

Betty said...

Hi Christine,
You certainly were a lucky little girl to have such wonderful parents - your dad hasn't changed a bit and your mom was gorgeous back then - I have never seen a picture of her in her younger days except for a wedding pic - you are so fortunate to still have them in your life.
Hugs Betty

ChrisJ said...

Jane and Lance,

You're so right; it does get much better with age.

ChrisJ said...


Interesting how some things we feel compelled to do.

Hubby learned of Been Shed Bore from Rob McLennan's blog.

ChrisJ said...

Hi Dad,

My reading has changed, too. Although Winnie the Pooh still appeals.

ChrisJ said...

Hi Betty.

I am, indeed, lucky. See you soon.

cooper said...

Great post. I love the photos as well. Thank goodness for fathers who read to their children.

ChrisJ said...

Hi Cooper,

Thanks. I agree; dad's who read are the greatest.

Owen Gray said...

My father was an engineer. Reading for him was largely utilitarian. But during the summer of my first year, he sat down with me to watch Lawrence Olivier's Hamlet.

When Act V began, he turned to me and asked, "Why the hell is everyone dying?" -- a very legitimate question.

More than that, he encouraged me to study English. Even though I bore his name, he was adamant that I didn't have to be like him.

I miss him.

Judie said...

All of my children are readers, except for my youngest, who has eye issues. I was read to as a child, and I read to my children. Now my middle son is reading all the books I read to him to his twins. Every time he comes for a visit, I send him back with more books.

ChrisJ said...


Jane and Lance, in the first comment on this post, got it right. It's probably the time a parent invests in the child that makes the most difference, and the encouragement to read.

Your father sounds like a great dad; no wonder that you miss him.

(When I first read your comment, I thought you meant that your dad sat down to watch Hamlet with you in your first year of life!!! - that would be too much encouragement.)

ChrisJ said...


It's so good that your son carries on the reading tradition.