Saturday, August 25, 2012

Most Eager for Fame

US presidential candidate Mitt Romney seems most eager for the fame of the presidency and more than willing to jeopardize the well-being of his country to achieve it.

The fictional warrior Beowulf was  "lof-geornost," most eager for fame. He put the safety and very existence of his people in jeopardy when he fought, and lost, his last battle.

But the similarity ends there.

Beowulf earned his fame as a highly successful warrior in his youth. He rid the Danes of the evil monster Grendel and Grendel's mother; won competitions of strength and bravery.

He did everything a young warrior must do. He "grew" his (well-deserved) fame, his brand. He demonstrated his loyalty to the kings he served.

Everything Beowulf did as a warrior, even his quest for fame, served the needs of his people. He earned the right to be the King of the Geats. And a good king he was for fifty years.

Romney has no such background of service for the good of his country. He grew his fortune - for himself.

Romney's fame is an inconsistent brand. He serves whatever master will guarantee him the presidency. He is for no exceptions for abortion; he is against no exceptions for abortion. He seems not to grasp the seriousness of his frivolous quest to please whoever's asking the question.

Beowulf badly messed up when he let his greed for glory overrule the right thing to do for the good of his people. But he had been the foundation, the friend, the ring-giver, the companion and protector of his people for fifty years.

In Beowulf's world, a good leader  would "dispense /his God-given goods to young and old- / but not the common land... (Heaney 71-3).

Romney would hang onto as much of his God-given goods as possible; would do what it takes in legislation to move as much common property to himself and the rest of the one percent as possible.

America is in jeopardy. Romney has aligned himself with the forces of greed, religious zealotry, superstition, and oppression in order to become president. He has no plan for the good of his country, no plan to be the friend to his people.

Beowulf was "the kindest to his men, the most courteous man, / the best to his people, and most eager for fame ( Chickering 3181-2).

Romney is simply "lof-geornost," eager for fame.


Hels said...

I have never heard of Romney before this year, and still have no idea what he stands for. Foreign newspapers are unlikely to care one way or another, until the man goes into a position of power.

But women in the USA should be very very scared. Wealthy women will be able to fly to proper medical care elsewhere, but what about ordinary working families? Enforced pregnancies and enforced deliveries? Backyard abortions? Rapists getting away with impregnating their victims?

Does Romney have a position on free contraception for all sexually active girls and women? I don't even dare to ask what his opinion on top quality universal health care is.

ChrisJ said...


It's very bad. The right wing extreme base of the Republican party is against all birth control, all abortion in all circumstances, universal medicare. I think in reality, they would like a theocracy (Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale pretty much nails it).

Additionally, many Republican states have passed changes to voters' registration requirements that will affect Black and Hispanic voters (those most likely to vote Democrat) disproportionately and make it harder for them to vote.

Owen Gray said...

Unfortunately, Chris, I have the feeling that people like Romney have no grasp of great literature. If they did, they would not say, do or stand for the things they do.

ChrisJ said...


Too true.

Judie said...

Brava, Chris! I so agree! I have been extremely busy lately moving all the way across the country from Tucson to coastal Georgia, i.e., Brunswick. This has been a very strange several months, and I'll be glad to settle down and visit with everyone again.

Romney is a selfish prat.

Pearl said...

let's hope now is not his time for fame.

ChrisJ said...


I really, really hope not.

ChrisJ said...


I'm glad your move is mostly done. I hope all went well.