Saturday, November 10, 2012

Single Malt with a Twist

Sometimes attempting one thing in Photoshop leads unexpectedly elsewhere - like trying to intensify a photo of single malt Islay scotch in a decanter and ending up with what might make a great ad for Bombay Sapphire gin!

It would be an interesting, if time-consuming, project to apply every filter, blend mode, and adjustment layer to every photo just to see. So glad I'm retired!


Ciss B said...

With the way things are happening in my own life - I wish I was retired!! :-)

ChrisJ said...


I hope retirement is not too far down the road for you.

Hels said...

Now you are talking my language - Bombay Sapphire gin! The colours are terrific, but there is something else as well. Perhaps a crystalline quality?

ChrisJ said...


Agreed on the gin! The decanter adds the crystalline quality, I think.

Owen Gray said...

The colours you produce -- or manipulate -- are truly striking, Chris.

ChrisJ said...


Photoshop is really amazing. And this image was an accident!