Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Photographic Respite from Winter

Although our white Christmas is over, the snow and the cold are not over and most likely won't be for some while - a good time to stay inside and play with photo layers! And to create some pictorial respite from the cold.

We need this

because we have too much of this

Happy New Year, everyone!


Hels said...

Actually the berries make a spectacular image. The forms and colours are perfect, and the snow looks like icing sugar on a cake. Speaking personally I prefer Christmas on the beach :) But for crisp images, you win.

ChrisJ said...

I have never experienced Christmas on a beach - at least not a warm one. It would be odd and lovely at the same time. Hope your Christmas was good.

Ciss B said...

Winter has its own loveliness! But remembering flowers can be a mini vacation from the lack of color, I agree.

Owen Gray said...

Having just lived through a storm which caused us to shovel more than we shoveled all last winter, Chris, it's good to remember what those images tell us.

ChrisJ said...


The summer colours warm me up on a cold day.

Hope you had a good Christmas.

ChrisJ said...


My parents are experiencing that storm - the worst of the season.

Take it easy with the shoveling!

Pearl said...

happy new year. in this dark time of year, being in the red has to be done right if at all!

ChrisJ said...


Being in the red visually is much better than financially. :)