Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Window Dressing

In the last two or three years, I have been captivated by displays of dresses in store windows. They are visually interesting and add something pleasing to the streetscape.

Victoria St., Kamloops BC is the home of Lady Divine Bridal and Formal Collections, and over two years, it was the source of some lovely dress /window photos. Victoria Street, the main shopping/eating street in Kamloops - the main "people" street - is a great place to walk along and browse, stop for a meal or cup of tea.

In 2007, I was caught by the black and white window theme and the view of the street reflected in the window.

In retrospect, I wish I had gone in and tried one or two of these on; they are so beautiful. But that's what happens when I get caught up in taking photos!

That retrospection only happened much later, because in 2008, I walked by again. And, again got totally caught up in taking the pictures.

The window in 2008 was dressed in equally stunning black and yellow.

Frequent readers of At My Soiree will recognize my blog's "signature" white dress from this window display.
The shading, the draping, the slight ruching of this dress - all in dappled sunlight/shade - show it in the most elegant, but natural light.

Although I initially wanted an LBD as the signature for At My Soiree, this beautiful white dress stole my visual heart.

This year, on a trip to Calgary to see the Dalai Lama, I didn't take my camera. Of course, I found some beautiful dresses in a shop window. Thanks to my husband's Blackberry, I have a 2009 version of window dressing. 
                I wonder where I will find next year's dresses in windows.                    



KayJay said...

I should take some pictures of the dress shops in Seoul. They'll give you headaches!

ChrisJ said...

That would be great. We could start a "dress shops around the world" project.

Pearl said...

there's a wedding and formalwear window near me. I always feel sneaky trying to get a shot of the window.

seeing the Dalai Lama must have been great. such a rare treat.

ChrisJ said...

Hi Pearl,

It was awesome seeing the Dalai Lama.

I also feel self=conscious, but just do it anyway! It probably helps not being at home. Being "away" always gives one some license.