Sunday, January 17, 2010

Soiree's Past Week

At My Soiree Jan 11 - 17

In case you missed one. Enjoy!

Help Haiti! - January 14


Ryhen | Mind Power said...

Hey, this is cool, ChrisJ. I was able to read your article about your unsuccessful acting career when I first landed on your blog after my journey through deep space. Thanks for replying, btw. I checked out your articles and I like "Fighting the Grammar Police." Personally, I use a nice, short book called Elements of Style written by William Strunk Jr. whenever I'm confused with this language (my second, btw).

Hope you have another great week.


ChrisJ said...

Hi Ryhen,

Glad you liked the post. I did a post on The Elements of Style around October 19 or 20 called That Vital Style. I love that book too. The book by Williams is a bit different - gives reasons and some discussion for the rules.