Saturday, July 3, 2010

Great Blog Award

I want to thank Rich and Cher at Askcherlock for awarding At My Soiree the Great Blog Award. Askcherlock is full of wonderful stories, penetrating political and economic analysis, and wisdom for everyone. Rich and Cher work so well together to create the depth and variety of their blog.

Life intervenes sometimes, and I am a week late with my thanks, but it is no less sincere.

I am honoured and grateful.


Ciss B said...


Check out my blog - I too passed on an award for you that I truly think you deserve! You do so many great things on your blog and I wanted you to know I consider you a blogger of excellence!
Chris B

ChrisJ said...


thank you - I'm blushing!

Owen Gray said...

Congratulations on the award, Chris. And, while others are giving you kudos, let me say that I like the new theme.

askcherlock said...

We just think you are a fabulous find and a wonderful blogging friend. There is much substance to you and in your writing which makes you a must-read for all!

ChrisJ said...


Thanks. You are the first to comment on the new look.

ChrisJ said...


Thanks again. I hope I can live up to all this.

Anonymous said...

Like the new look, it's great. Congrats on the award too. I had a plough through your Blog links and followed AskCherlock and the other award nominees, some great blogs there; I have added several to my Blogger's Cafe today:


ChrisJ said...


Thanks; I'll let Cher know.

lifeshighway said...

Congrats Chris, you always write such insightful entries. I know when I come here I will be rewarded with a new thought or wonderful literary tidbit.

Unless of course you are in the midst of receiving yet another award.

ChrisJ said...


Thank you; that's exactly what I hope everyone gets from the posts.