Monday, July 5, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

I have been given another award, this one by Christi at Journaling My Life Away. This is the second time that I have received two awards within roughly one week of each other - must be the alignment of the stars or something.

Always, I am very grateful that others appreciate my blog. Thanks Christi.

The conditions of this award are that

1. the recipient must thank the bestower of the award,
2. share seven things about self, and
3. bestow the award on 15 newly-discovered, or followed blogs.

So here goes:

1. I grew up in Atlantic Canada
2. I once ran out of gas in the fast lane of the Autobahn in Germany.
3. I hate sharing the kitchen.
4. I could visit Florence, Italy dozens of more times and never tire of it.
5. I love the poetry of Pablo Neruda.
6. I did my thesis on the poetry of John Keats.
7. As a kid, I always got a small bottle of olives in my Christmas stocking.

I have chosen to give the award, mostly, to blogs I have only just discovered. They are all worth visiting - and more than once. (I know there aren't 15 here, but that's it for now.)

Hannah Stoneham's Book Blog

Rogue Artists

Jewel's Arty Blog

Diane's 365 photo project

The English Country Kitchen

The Sole Sisters Collective


Jewel said...

Hi Chris - and many thanks for the Versatile Blogger award. I have never won any blogging awards before and am very grateful to you for this. Could you please send me a message to let me know how I show the award on my blog and what I am supposed to do next? Also I am pleased to see you have given an award to Country Kitchen, as this is one of my favourites too.

Jewel (Jewel's Arty Blog).

Judie said...

Thank you, Chris, for tapping me for an award! I feel truly honored.
You really deserve your award from AskCherlock. I am so glad I found your blog!!

ChrisJ said...


You are most welcome.

I have sent you email about saving the picture of the award.

ChrisJ said...


I'm glad you found my blog, too. I really enjoy reading your comments.

I especially like all the artwork on Rogue Artists.

Ciss B said...

Interesting! I have always loved Keats' poetry. I've learned more about you, but also am going to check out some the sites you gave the award too.

ChrisJ said...


I could see your comment, but couldn't get it to publish - whenever I try, I get an error message.

lifeshighway said...

I also received cans of blacks olives in my Christmas stocking. Congrats on the award and sharing some new blogs. I need to get busy reading.

Judie said...

Chris, I need the same directions you give "Jewel" so I can post my award on my blog. Thanks, Chris.

ChrisJ said...


Your comment re-appeared this morning - who knows how these things work?

ChrisJ said...


Hmm, olives. I knew you were my kind of people!

ChrisJ said...


I will send email.

AnfinsenArt said...

Wow! I'm honored Chris. Thank you for the plug!

ChrisJ said...


You're welcome. Thanks for making good art!!!

Sole Sister said...

Chris, wow, thanks. Now I know not to roll my eyes when people say they never expected an award, lol.

Now are you ever going to become a Sole Sister? Really, come on Chris, the invitation was extended, please don't make a liar out of me.

Thanks so much.

Owen Gray said...

The awards are richly deserved.

You ran out of gas on the Autobahn? There must be a story there.

Judie said...

Chris, if you sent me an email, will you please send it again. I didn't get it.

ChrisJ said...


Yes my "sole" story sort of got buried. I'll work on it.

ChrisJ said...


It could have gone very badly, but there was an off ramp in exactly the right place and no traffic at that moment.

A walk, then a tow to town, and the garage finally discovered that the gas guage was faulty - 3/4 full actually meant 'Empty."