Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blend Modes and Opacity

Yesterday, these functions in the Layers Palette were somewhat of a mystery, so I tried them out. (This after only just being able to put some layers together that stay together!)

The background "before shot" is a crop of a picture of flowers I took earlier in the summer:

The before of the next layer is of frost on the glass walls of the deck this morning (alas!):

The following results are 1) Color Burn 68% opacity; 2) Color Dodge 48% opacity; 3) Hue 52% opacity. I chose them simply because I liked them.

So, six new things learned yesterday and today - only 887,346, or so, to go!


lifeshighway said...

Great job! Come make some stuff for me.

Ciss B said...

You are doing well...and having fun from the looks of it!

Jan 4 Insight said...

Good job! I went through similar tests & experiments when I got my Corel PE4 software & Wacom tablet a few months ago - it sure paid off. It also became addictive - consider yourself warned ;)

ChrisJ said...


I look forward to the day when I feel confident enough to make stuff for other people - you will be top of the list!

ChrisJ said...


It is fun and absorbing - time disappears.

ChrisJ said...


I think I'm sensing the addictive side - I wake up wondering what I can make today.