Monday, October 18, 2010

Type Mask for a Gnome

My Photoshop projects are quite random - months of diligently working through the book from start to finish wasn't very productive; I was bored and kept seeing things ahead that looked like more fun than what was in the current chapter.

So, when a fellow blogger offhandedly said to make something for her, I had today's project. (Check out her blog.)

The original image:

The finished project (masking with type and applying layer styles)  - 


Ciss B said...


ChrisJ said...


Yup, can't take these things too seriously!

Judie said...

Hey! I thought I left you a comment on how cool your gnome was! I know I did, but it has disappeared!

Thanks for adding to Keats' story! That was very interesting!

I added a little more to it myself!

ChrisJ said...


I didn't see the comment, must have disappeared into cyberspace.

I did my grad work on Keats, so feel a bit of ownership of him, even if that is kind of silly!