Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who's That Lady? Three Images

Over a year ago, on Canada Day, I took a photo of a colourful mannequin on display at the park:

Lovely as she was, she has been altered in the service of learning. I'm not sure which alteration I like best:

This one:

or this one:

What does everyone else like?


cooper said...

The later though I think a simple ghosting would work better.

Trulyfool said...


I wish I had the patience to learn the tricks of photo-gizmometry. It looks as though you're having fun!

I'd choose the third one?


ChrisJ said...


I'll try the ghosting and see what it's like.

ChrisJ said...


Mostly it's fun, but my patience does wear a bit thin at times.

Ciss B said...

For me, it's the wavy first one. It's fun watching you play with this new tool of yours!

lifeshighway said...

Chris, I'm sorry but I am distracted by the great photo in general. But of the two techniques,I prefer the third.

ChrisJ said...


I'm enjoying it; sometimes I look up and several hours have passed.

ChrisJ said...


That's the danger with photoshop - not everything needs alteration. I've been keeping the originals and playing with copies.

Pearl said...

the middle one is my favorite. like how it isolates and plays.

yes, the more I play with photoshop the more I realize the value of conceiving of the shot well and nailing the lighting so well to not need photoshop. but still, play for its own sake or for fun is fun.

ChrisJ said...


I was a film photographer for so much longer than I've been digital that the lighting and composition are always first consideration.

It comes as a shock at times when I realize that I can just capture something for an element in it to be used later - but that is actually quite fun, as you say.