Sunday, October 7, 2012

Faulty Logic in the Service of Intolerance

Others' opinions can be disturbing, but when clearly and fairly argued, I'll listen. But so often, opinions that display bigotry and intolerance rest on bad logic. No need to listen - it's always pretty clear what's coming.

The following example appeared on Facebook recently and demonstrates my point exactly.

For the uninitiated, the football player is Tim Tebow praying during an NFL football game. He has been criticized roundly for his individual display of faith in what some say is an inappropriate situation.

But comparing these images is comparing apples and oranges and doesn't make any meaningful point - except about the intolerance of the person doing the comparing and his or her faulty logic.

To make a point about praying during professional sports games one would have to show something like the following:

Why is this ok?
And this isn't?

The soccer player in the top photo is Muslim and praying on the field during a game.  The comparison works - like to like.

 The further point would look thus:

Why is this OK?
And this isn't?

Whatever one's opinions about religion, prayer, public prayer, individual prayer, there's room for discussion. But let's compare like points and not let intolerance drive the discussion.


Pearl said...

people get all weird about their dogma and god maps.

ChrisJ said...


So true, and not a little frightening.