Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ole Blue Eyes the Cat

Bandit Sings Sinatra

I did it my way.


Owen Gray said...

We had a cat who looked almost exactly like Bandit, Chris.

My wife used to give him left over pasta and spaghetti sauce. He looked pretty red faced when he finished a meal.

ChrisJ said...


Sometimes Bandit's appetite is smaller than is good for him - maybe I'll try some spaghetti and meat sauce!

Hels said...

It is said that dogs have masters... while cats have staff!

ChrisJ said...


That's certainly true in our house!

Judie said...

Your cat! He looks like my Violet, who actually got in bed with me at 2 in the morning and snuggled in for a while. The dogs were in bed, too, and no one growled! A first!

ChrisJ said...


Sometimes they can fool us and do the unexpected.